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The Waterproofing Improvements That Your Home Might Need After Water Damage

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If your home is suffering due to damaged waterproofing, it can be a serious issue that you have to deal with. Sometimes, these materials wear out or the old design of your home might leave some areas vulnerable to issues. The following waterproofing solutions can help you deal with problems with moisture and water damage to your home.

Dealing with Foundation Waterproofing

The waterproofing of foundation installations might be the first area where you need to have work done. There are several issues that cause water to get into your home through the foundation. It can seep up through a slab, get in through cracks in foundation walls or come in due to waterproofing failures. Therefore, your foundation waterproofing may need to be repaired. You might also need to invest in drainage improvements with French drains and sump pump systems if you have a basement. This will help keep the water out of your home.

Sealing Hardscaping with Seal Coatings

Hardscaping might not be something you are thinking about when it comes to the water damage to your home, but there are problems that you might have to deal with. Sometimes, the hardscaping can be close to your home, and water draining into cracks can lead to water damage. Other hardscaping like driveways and paved paths can be damaged by water due to erosion and other issues. These problems can be prevented by having the hardscaping seal-coated.

Waterproofing for Exterior Finishes and Features

There might be other exterior finishes beyond the foundation and hardscaping that need waterproofing. Areas like patios and exterior finishes like brickwork might be vulnerable to issues with water and moisture. Therefore, evaluating your home for these vulnerabilities might be a good idea. You can have these areas sealed with waterproofing to ensure that moisture doesn't get into your home and cause damage.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions to Mitigate Problems

The interior of your home could also be vulnerable to water damage in some areas where waterproofing can help. If your home has a basement foundation, this is one of the areas where waterproofing can help protect your home from moisture problems. There might also be other interior areas of your home where waterproofing can help reduce problems with moisture. These areas include low-lying spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens.

You can waterproof more than just the foundation of your home. Contact a waterproofing service in your area for help.