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Things That Can Cause Dirty Ducts

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If your ducts are dirty, dust will be picked up and blown out into the room where it will affect the overall air quality. There are some things that can lead to ducts getting dirty faster than what you may normally expect. Learn what some of these things are so that you can be aware of ways you can keep an eye on the ducts and have them cleaned as needed in order to stay on top of the air quality issues. Here are some things that can quickly lead to dirty ducts: 

There has been a leak in the ducts

If you know that you have recently had a leak in the ducts that needed to be repaired, then you should be sure you also have the ducts checked to see if they need to be cleaned. When there is a leak, then it can allow for the dirt from areas like the crawl spaces or the attic to end up getting into the ducts. Depending on how much dust has got in the ducts, they may require prompt cleaning. 

The fan is kept on

If you have a habit of using the fan on your HVAC system year-round, then you should expect the ducts to end up getting dirtier a lot faster than they would as compared to if you only had the system on when you need to heat or cool the house during the winter or summer months. The reason for this is because you will be having a lot more air circulating through the system year-round, which will equate to more dust that comes with that air. Even with a filter in place, some particles will still get by. If you do tend to keep the fan set to the on position, have the ducts checked more frequently and cleaned as needed. 

The house has been remodeled

If the house has had some remodeling done, then this can kick up an abnormal amount of dust. That could lead to more dust entering the ducts and causing them to get dirtier much faster than they normally would. Things such as replacing the flooring to building an additional room in the house can cause more dust to end up getting in the ducts. This is why you should always have them checked. They will likely need to be cleaned after a remodel. 

For more information, contact a duct cleaning service.